Shipping Surveys

CDC Diving can support work with regards to:

Subsea Surveys

  • Class surveys
  • General visual inspection (GVI)
  • Wear down readings. Shaft and rudder.
  • Still photograph surveys and reporting.
  • CCTV surveys and class reporting.
  • Out at anchorage, CCTV, GVI inspections.

Rapid Response Shipping Unit:

  • Emergency rope removal.
  • Blanking of overboard valves and sea chest gratings.
  • Kettle patches.
  • Koffer dams.
  • Sealing of stern tube gland.
  • Anode change outs /welded or bolted.
  • Repairs:
  1. Pull shafts and rudder in the water.
  2. Transducer maintenance.
  3. Remove sea chest grids and fabrication of new ones.

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