Completed Projects

Ensco 5000 Rig. Connect tow lines for tug.

  • Standby dive support on ballasting / de-ballasting.
  • CCTV Pontoon inspection on the harbour floor.
  • Detaching tug tow lines and bridal.

Fender Recovery

  • Search and retrieve fallen 8-ton fender from the bottom of the Couga harbour 21 meters deep.
  • Rig up fenders to the crane for removal.
  • Located and removed 25 fenders.

(Equipment used SSDE systems and 25ton crane.)

Hydraulic Fender Installation

  • Rig up fender brackets to the crane.
  • Position and fasten fender brackets to frame.
  • Inspect hydraulic fender pads.

Haw & Inglis 40 Ton Lead in Jetty Construction

  • Remove debris in path of piling machine.
  • Cut away and remove old Jetty in the path of piling machine.
  • Dredging to be able to cut old jetty off low enough to design level.

Couga Dam Job

  • Removing blanks in dam wall caisson at 45m, 30m, 18m and at 9 m.
  • Removing snorkel pipe from 45m with Tirfor.
  • Inserting bird cage strainer – outlet at 45m.

Sheet Piling

  • Repairing holes in sheet piling with sheet plate.
  • Identifying void cavities in quay-walls.
  • Breaking open of quay wall to expose cavities.
  • Filling of cavities with rock and concrete to restore structural stability to the quay wall.


  • GPS positioning of 12 caissons with barge.
  • Dredging all 12 caisson down to design level.  For example:
  1. Installation of reinforcing inside the caisson.
  2. Placing concrete beams across 12 caisson.
  3. Filling of 12 caisson with concrete using boom pump.

Boratz Salvage /Wreck Decontamination.

  • Locating the wreckage using side scan sonar.
  • Removal of all rope from the wreckage, which could pose as a shipping hazard.
  • Removal of line hauler winch. Cut free with a hydraulic grinder.
  • Removal of all oil drums and hazardous substances.
  • Drilling of holes into fuel tanks to remove 80 tons of diesel.
  • Complete decontamination of the wreck was successful.

Basil Read

  • Placing of Grade 1t2 rock for anti-scouring purposes.
  • CCTV surveys of breakwater, inspection of voids, 3 point.

Larianna Wreck Removal

  • Locate the position of wreckage using SSS.
  • Dredge mud out of wreckage holds with G” dredge.
  • Jet lifting straps under belly of the wreckage.
  • Using lifting bags and barge lifted vessel, tow to quay wall. Cut up vessel H/G.

Syncro #2 Salvage

  • Rig up lifting bags and barge crane to vessel.
  • Lift vessel to the surface.
  • Seal sea cocks of vessel.
  • Floated vessel by S pumping water out using 3 x 4″ trash pumps and one electric 6″ submersible.

Harbour Wall Surveys

  • CCTV surveys of Port Elizabeth’s harbour walls.
  • Inspect for block shifting.
  • Inspect for foundation undermining.
  • Inspect for any abnormalities, holes etc.

Transnet Slipway Downhaul Pulley Change out x 2

  • Locate downhaul pulley position.
  • Dredge through 6m of mud to expose pulley.
  • Remove the old pulley and install new designed pulley.
  • Feed through 340 meters of cable through the pulley and onto the cradle of slipway.

Bulk Carrier CCTV Surveys

  • CCTV GVI inspections.
  • Propeller shining (hydraulic prop shiner)
  • Cleaning of sea chests and overboard valves.
  • Wear down readings on propeller shaft and rudder.
  • Rope removal.
  • Blanking of sea chests and overboard valves.
  • Kettle patches.

Boat Salvage

  • Inspect vessel for rigging points.
  • Connect/ rig up lifting bags and steel lifting tanks to vessel.
  • Floated vessel.
  • Towed vessel to Transnet travel lift and removal.
  • Cut up and safely disposed of the vessel.

Cutting of Pylons H&I

  • Cut off and removed 40 steel pylons in the path of the fender construction.
  • Hydraulic grinder was used to cut pylons.
  • Full scale containerized dive systems were used.

Mossel Bay Slipway Structural Inspection

  • Core drilled concrete samples out of slipway pile structure. Sent to lab for MPA and chlorine testing.
  • Inspected pile structure for any damages or abnormalities.
  • Inspected steel rails for extreme wear down and abnormalities.
  • CCTV and still photograph survey on slipway structure, rails and pulley system.

Sandile Reservoir leak detection survey

  • Full SSDE CCTV dive unit.
  • Confined entry and exit.
  • Full CCTV survey of inside seams of reservoir.
  • Leak detected and fixed using underwater epoxy.


  • GVI inspections
  • Full CCTV hull surveys.
  • Prop shaft and rudder shaft wear down readings.
  • Hull cleans.
  • Sea chest cleaning.
  • Overboard lake cleaning.
  • Remove rudder and pull propeller and shaft.
  • Rope removals.
  • Kettle patches installed.
  • Greasing variable pitch propellers.
  • Sea chest blanking.
  • Overboard valve blanking.
  • Stem tube sealing.
  • Propeller scraping and hydraulic polishing.
  • Trawling net removal.

Transnet Sand bypass System

  • Securing and maintaining of Transnet sand bypass caisson pump system in Couga harbour.
  • Removed 5m x 3m grid from aperture in caisson (removed by crane).
  • Serviced 3 pumps from inside the caisson.
  • Cleaned all marine growth within caisson.

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