CDC is committed to maintaining high health and safety standards at all times on any site.CDC can undertake any civils project and is committed to problem solving by providing simple but practical solutions. CDC has gained vast civils experience over the years and prides itself in completing a project efficiently while doing as little harm to the environment as possible.

CDC diving services can support civil construction/ demolition work with regards to:

  • Dredging
  • Underwater welding and cutting (Hydraulic/Broco)
  • Complete slipway builds.
  • Slipway maintenance
  • Life extension of assets by means of cathodic protection.
  • Pipeline installations and maintenance as well as valve removal and replacement.
  • Sheet piling repairs and quay wall repairs.
  • Quayside rehabilitation.
  • Core drilling and grouting.
  • Underwater concrete casting and shutter board assembly.
  • Hydraulic fender installations.
  • Quay wall inspections and repairs.
  • Underwater structural inspections.
  • Dam wall repairs and blanking.

Civils Projects Completed

  • Haw & Inglis jetty removal and dredging.
  • Transnet downhaul pulley change out.
  • Transnet harbour wall inspections.
  • Basil Read: Building of breakwater.
  • NSRI complete rail slipway build. Sinking of concrete Caissons.
  • Transnet sheet piling repair and Quayside rehabilitation as well as void filling.

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