CDC Underwater Services

CDC diving services has been providing practical, but efficient diving solutions since 2006 and has gained vast experience in all aspects of diving. CDC strives to deliver excellence in all aspects of diving and prides itself in completing all projects while adhering to good health and safe diving practices that comply with SA law and IMCA regulations.

CDC Diving can support diving work with regards to:
• CCTV Class surveys
• UWILD surveys
• Ship husbandry
• GVI’s
• Crack/leak detection
• Damage & deformity assessments
• In-water Port construction, repairs & maintenance
• Dredging & airlifting
• Inland construction, repair & maintenance for dams water systems, reservoirs & bridges
• Demolition
• Salvage
• Concrete core drilling and grouting.
• Sonar scanning / geographical plotting

Equipment Profile
CDC Diving Service believe that properly maintained equipment goes hand in hand with production and makes way better divers. CDC believes in a continuous maintenance programme, therefore, we have workshops.
One workshop is dedicated to maintaining our SSDE and containerized diving systems. The second workshop does maintenance on our diving vessels and other equipment, such as dredge pumps, hydraulic power packs etc. CDC has a vast range of specialized equipment, ranging from but which is not limited to:

• SSDE containerized diving systems
• SSDE systems contain full CCTV video and photographic equipment.
• Barges.
• Diving support vessels.
• Salvage equipment & lifting bags.
• Underwater welding and Broco equipment.
• Dredge pumps and airlifts.
• Hydraulic equipment; pumps, grinders, drills, core drills, J.H.
• Pneumatic equipment, drills, grinders and Jack hammers.
• Containerised decompression chambers.
• Side scan sonar vessels.
• Rigging equipment